Wayne Green AKA ‘Dizzy Fingers’

wayne green

Wayne Green is a unique instrumentalist using bass keys and combining it with organ and piano-synthesizer. Wayne’s influences include Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins with a dash of Memphis Slim.
The combination of the two keyboards is difficult and not seen in many bands, eg: The Doors with Jim Morrision used this technique. The style of keyboard playing is quick and mood setting and complements the guitar playing of Jason Fletcher. Wayne and Jason have been mates for many years in the music industry on the North Coast of N.S.W.
Wayne is also an accomplished rhythm guitarist. Don’t miss out on Wayne’s performance as it’s well worth the time to soak up some of the amazing atmosphere he creates.
He has managed the StingRays 50’s ‘n’ 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Band and the Bakelites Rock ‘n’ Roll Band with 2 albums under their belts.
Samples of our music are on this website and can be downloaded for your enjoyment.